• Pani Puri Tokari – cold dish

    Small crispy pastry ball filled with potato chutney and minty tamarin water (Gol Gappa)

  • £6.00

    Badam Sandeko – cold dish (N)

    Nepalese style spicy peanuts snacks go quite well with lager/Beer

  • £12.95

    Macha Fry

    Deep fried crispy whole trout on the bone – Nepalese style

  • £5.00

    Deshi Chaat (D) Cold Dish

    Popular deshi street appetizer

  • £7.95

    Salt & Pepper Prawn (G)

    Crispy prawns tossed with burnt garlic, green chilli and black pepper

  • £6.5

    Garlic ChickenChatpata (G)

    Stir-fried Crispy pepper-garlic-chili chicken

  • £5.75

    Caulibudi (G)

    Dry fry cauliflower with fresh garlic, ginger and green chilli